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Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Price Shopping For Wedding Photography Is A Big Mistake!

One misconception many people have, is that a wonderful camera will make anyone a great photographer, but that simply isn't true, the camera is only a tool, and even the finest cameras are useless in the hands of an inexperienced and untalented photographer. Photography is an art form, and when you hire a photographer you are hiring them for their vision, their artistic style, their ability to photograph your wedding in a style that you love. It is up to the photographer to properly compose images, to find the ideal locations,  to understand how to use light and shadows to create incredible images, to use the best angles so that subjects look fantastic, to deal with less than ideal lighting situations and still create incredibly beautiful images, to deal with less than ideal locations and still create beautiful images. To have an understanding of how to properly enhance photographs, so that they not only look spectacular, yet also look natural and not fake. 

LET’S TALK BUDGET AND MONEY (So, how much should you pay?) It is so easy to price shop for wedding photography, all one need to is search for photographers online. But, while the budget is important, price shopping makes the thing you are shopping for a commodity,  but not all photographers are the same, not even close! If the quality of your wedding photographs is important to you, but price alone is your only consideration, you will regret not hiring the photographer that would have photographed your wedding in the artistic style that you love, capturing images that exceed your expectations. Photography is an art form, and great photographers put a lot of time, effort and skill into capturing incredible works of art, yet doing it in a way that doesn't interfere with your wedding day. Great photographers don't stop there, they spend countless hours enhancing your images so that they look spectacular. Great photography is priceless. Sure, you can always find a cheaper photographer, but you must ask yourself this question, why are they cheaper? What corners are they cutting? How talented are they? How experienced are they? Are they going to be fully committed to photographing the wedding? 

SO, WHAT ABOUT PART TIMERS? Couples need to understand that it is risky to hire a part time photographer. When a photographers' entire livelihood depends upon their reputation as a wedding photographer, then they have a great incentive to provide you with the very best quality photography and service. Although there are some really talented part-time photographers, it's important to understand they do have less of an incentive to provide the very best quality photography and service, they won't have as much time to help you with the wedding day timeline, and most likely won't have time to enhance your images in a timely manner, it is also important to consider that their day job will always take precedence over your wedding photography, so if for any reason they must work at their real job on your wedding day, then you will be out a photographer. 

When you hire a photographer, the most important consideration should be whether the photographer is capable of capturing your wedding in an artistic style that you truly love. If you don't love the artistic style of a particular photographer, then I would look elsewhere. You see, it is not how many images, how much stuff you get, how cheap the photographer is, it really comes down to the final images that you will receive, will your wedding images give you a lifetime of enjoyment, or will they cause you a lifetime of regret? 

Rachel & Corey

Here are a few portraits from the session of Rachel and Corey. What a fun couple to photograph.